Monday, July 19, 2010


This past weekend, Lisa and I decided to escape the chaos of Phnom Penh and venture to Kratie, a sleepy little Mekong River town about six hours northeast of Phnom Penh. Kratie is most well known for being the home of the Irrawaddy dolphins, a rare type of dolphin that lives in the fresh water of the Mekong River. It is estimated that there are only about 80 of these dolphins left worldwide.

Lisa and I had a great weekend experiencing rural life in Cambodia. We took a boat out in the Mekong to see the dolphins, biked around an island, played volleyball with local kids and took a moto drive around the countryside.

Our yummy snack options at the bus bathroom stop: baby birds(?), tarantulas and crickets.

I have tried, more like was forced to try, crickets by my local neighbors...can't say they tasted all that bad but not something I'd casually pick up to snack on.

Poor little birds!


Boat trip in the Mekong to see the dolphins

Yun, the dolphin whisperer. Yun was a little too cool for school...loved the cig hanging from his mouth the whole time.

We were lucky enough to see the dolphins quite a few times but never quick enough to capture them on camera

Me and Yun

Lisa taking over for Yun for a bit

Our friends we made at dinner later that night...local 'models' that were featured in a Men of Kratie calendar. $1 of the proceeds go to protecting the dolphins so Lisa and I did our part to save the dolphins by purchasing a calendar (or two).

Getting ready to board the "ferry" to ride around the island

The "ferry"

Biking around the island

Lisa and I decided to show off our volleyball skills with the local kids

Guys on the ferry ride back who really wanted me to take their pictures

Crusin' on my moto


  1. I am definitely bringing some of my own food when I come to visit! Looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see you.

  2. Tell me you didn't eat those spiders!!? Wow, what wonderful times you are having;). Love your moto pic!

  3. The fact there was a PLATE of tarantulas to eat is horrifying to me! I cannot imagine anything worse to eat, but the largest, scariest spider in the world! What a fun weekend! "Model" sightings, "Ferry" rides, and just some overall funny Cambodian things! Loved that you saw the dolphins, how cool!

  4. The tarantulas!!! That gave me the willies! I love your updates :)

  5. i can't wait to watch you eat a cricket when you get back.