Monday, March 29, 2010

In need of an oasis...

After a week of this...

I needed a weekend of this...

Skye, Junghye and I spent most of Saturday relaxing at the Kabiki pool..a little oasis in the middle of Phnom Pehn

Skye lounging in the pool

Followed by an Italian dinner and lots of wine on Saturday evening....
Left to Right: Junghye, Skye, Lisa and Katie

On Sunday, Katie and I spent the entire day apartment hunting. Unfortunately we came up empty handed but are continuing to look this week - keep your fingers crossed we find ourselves a home soon!


  1. Wow! Night and day right there- busy crowded streets to a quiet, tropical pool. Good luck apartment hunting... Finger are crossed!

  2. The traffic looks crazy! I think you needed a weekend of relaxation. I love the pictures you posted. Hopefully, relaxing at the pool helped you keep cool. Hope you find an apartment soon! Love you and miss you!

  3. That looks very relaxing and lovely. Good luck with the apartment hunt!

  4. wow - crazy green pool! can't wait to come visit, so you better get that apartment asap!